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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is also referred as search engine positioning or SEO in short form. It is vital because over 85% of high income and highly educated adults use search engines to seek for information and over 55% of internet sales are derived from search engines.

Why SEO for Export Business?

As international buyers search product information and suppliers using search engines, a high placement in the search engine ranking pages can obviously drive tremendous growth in your export business. You cannot leave those rankings to chance and hope for the best. However, you can use SEO, the practice of providing the best possible target for search engines, to compete in internet and get more leads for export marketing. Since the international buyers from search engines are more likely to purchase, search engine optimization is more valuable emarketing method. It can get free quality traffic and live a long time.

Our SEO services can help you success

SEO is an important emarketing method today to obtain leads and businesses. However, it is hard to achieve higher search rankings for a busy business person because SEO is not simply adding META tags on the website and then submitting to search engines. It involves careful study of your company and products, your competitors, keyword research & planning, optimization of the site content and a SEO friendly website design structure, off-page link building and social media marketing strategy using proper SEO techniques.

Search engine optimization is a huge field with thousands of little details that come together to make a successful campaign. It requires extensive SEO knowledges, skills and experiences in the fields, a lot of work and patience, and a consistent strategy.

Some SEO agents employ the black hat SEO techniques to trick search engines to get fast result and finally get penalized by the search engines. Penalities may cause you to disappear from the rankings or move down to four or five pages of the listing without warning.

Our SEO professionals are well trained and experienced in white hat SEO, SEO friendly web design, emarketing solution, and website redesign for years. Hence, we are confident to optimize both your site’s on-page and off-page factors to get best results. Most important, we only use ethical search engine optimization approaches to help our clients rank high in search engines. You are fee of risks of your site to be banned using our services.