Taking Advantage of Amazon for Export Marketing Purposes

Amazon is one of the most renowned retail giants in the online world. eBay is visited by more than 60 million people in the US and millions more abroad and the same can be said for Alibaba but Amazon is like the universally accepted online “mall” for different nations around the world.

Many corporations that focus on export marketing will need to begin their platform using Amazon. This is because Amazon has a unique system that instantly elevates a company’s reputation simply by selling on the website.

Want to take advantage of this retail giant’s tools for your own export business? Consider some of the following techniques:


Amazon Associate Program – this is very important because it not only draws a larger audience but it can help build traffic. It will draw more foreign consumers to the product page on Amazon but this can also bring traffic to your company’s website, blog, and more.

The associate program or affiliate program allows others to do the online marketing for you. They’ll blog, use pay-per-click ads, and even video reviews about your products so that the foreign market will understand why your product is worth investing and importing.

Of course this means a certain percentage of each sale goes to your affiliates but when they bring in so much traffic, leads, and sale conversions you really can’t deny how useful this program is.


Pro Merchant Subscription – individual sellers on Amazon are charged per transaction and their marketing tools are pretty limited. Get a Pro Merchant Subscription which is very affordable for a company already thinking about exporting to international consumers and businesses.

The best thing about this subscription is that it gives you the option to upload items in bulk (easier inventory management), better sales reports, pricing liberties, and the option to create niche “unique listings” which eradicates competition on the online front.


Social Media Interaction – perhaps the best thing about Amazon is how it connects to Twitter and Facebook. Granted, you won’t be using social media that much when marketing via B2B platforms but when you’re trying to connect to a foreign consumer base then these social media sites become a gold mine.

Take advantage of how well Amazon integrates Facebook and Twitter into its marketing scheme. You want your target audience to see what you are selling. It’s not all about sending emails about discounts and new offers. Sometimes simply letting them know you got something on Amazon is enough to pique their interest.


Other Amazon Tools

Remember that Amazon has a built-in B2B assistance program for start-up businesses which can help them form stronger business relations. The Fulfillment Program is also a very important tool to take advantage of because it assists with proper online visibility, stocks, and transactions.

Later on your business might want to break off from Amazon and get into the bigger individual businesses and export trading but if you are still starting out then this is the retail giant to cling to. You just need to know how to take advantage of the tools given to you.



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