Multi-Domain SSL Certificate (MDC)

Multi-Domain certificate is also referred to as MDC or SAN. It allows a digital certificate to protect multiple domain names, such as:,, and, etc.

 Multi-domain SSL (DV)Multi-domain SSL (OV)Multi-domain SSL (EV)
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Domains Included3 (domains and/or subdomains)3 (domains and/or subdomains)3 (domains and/or subdomains)
Great forPersonalBusinessBusiness
Validation LevelDomain (DV)Organization (OV)Extended (EV)
International Domain name (IDN)
Mobile Support
AssuranceLowMediumVery high
IssuerSectigo (Formerly Comodo)Sectigo (Formerly Comodo)Sectigo (Formerly Comodo)
Trust Logo
Browser Support99.90%99.90%99.90%
2048 bit RSA Private Key
Encryptionup to 256-bitup to 256-bitup to 256-bit
Normal Insurance Time (Business day)1-21-101-14
Free Re-issues
Free assistance to apply SSL
Free Installation (Our Hosting client only)