email marketing is the most cost-effective direct export marketing tools

Email Marketing

Manufacturers and exporters accessed global importers and buyers thru various export promotion channels. Among these export marketing methods, email marketing is the most cost-effective direct export marketing tools to promote products and develop valuable relationships with existing customers if it is properly done. According to a 2011 Email Marketing Metrics Report, more than 80% of the email is opened in the first 48 hours after delivery. If you send periodic emails with valuable content, people who aren’t ready to buy right away are more likely to remember you and your business when they become ready to take action.

Why need World Importer Directories?

The success of an email marketing campaign greatly depends on a trusted importer’s list. However, collecting and maintaining the international importers & buyers database is a time-consuming and challenged job. Traditional suppliers and exporters do so by advertising in world trade mazagines, attending international trade fairs, employing SEO on their website, and buying expensive Google Adwards pay-per-click ad ad from search engines to attract oversea customers. It involves much money and great labour efforts. Hence, world importer directories are cost-effective and powerful export marketing tool to assist your global export promotion. The data contained in the directories is carefully compiled and edited. It is just as simple as a mouse click to send your promotion worldwide at your own step and ease of time. No time-consumpting data entry and subsequent maintenance jobs are needed.


  • Ready to use. No time-consuming data entry is needed
  • User-friendly Menu-driven query screen
  • Searching by company name, country, or product imported
  • Printing mailing labels, buyer list, email report, etc.
  • Sending personalized emails by product, country, or company name
  • Support standard SMTP, ESMTP & Direct Delivery Mode* (without mail server)
  • Support sending tested email message and opt-out function
  • Exporting data function for other fax and email application
  • Quick Start Guide to reduce the learning time and efforts


Note: *For Direct Delivery Mode to be workable, the internet service provider (ISP) should not restrict port 25 and DNS service.

Act Now ! Start email marketing.

Notes: World importer directories are published in CD-Rom version and the CD download version is now released and available.

It comprise worldwide importers and buyers information including company name, mailing address, country, phone no., fax number, contact person, nature of business, website address, email address, products imported, etc.

It supports Ms Windows XP/Vista/7/10 desktop computers and standard SMTP & ESMTP servers to send emails. It cannot be installed and run on the other OS such as Linux, Apple Mac and mobile devices. The purchaser should provide the proper OS and computer to use the directory. No time-consuming data entry is needed.