EV SSL certificate (Extended Validation Certificate)

For the EV SSL certificate (Extended Validation Certificate), the CA strictly follows the approved guidelines listed at the CAB (CA / Browser) forum to validate the applicant’s ownership of the domain name and detailed company / organization-related information (including company name, official phone number, physical address) so that it helps to prove that the company behind your website is real. The validation level is the strictest. Hence, the time of application is longer and higher in cost. It is great for online stores, government agencies, and corporate / organizational websites that have high security requirements. EV SSL is the industry’s highest security level. Only the EV SSL certificate can display a unique HTTPS green bar in a web browser to show website visitors that the site is secured and authentic.

 EV SSL certificate (Extended Validation Certificate)
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1 yr prepayment

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2 yr prepayment

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Domains Included1
Great forE-commerce
Validation LevelExtended (EV)
Secureswww.site.com and site.com
International Domain name (IDN)
Mobile Support
AssuranceVery high
IssuerSectigo (Formerly Comodo)
Trust Logo
Browser Support99.90%
2048 bit RSA Private Key
Encryptionup to 256-bit
Normal Insurance Time (Business day)1-14
Free Re-issues
Free assistance to apply SSL
Free Installation (Our Hosting client only)