Export Market Profile – ASEAN

ASEAN: Market Profile


Major Economic Indicators 2012 2013
Population (million) 616.3
GDP (US$ billion) 2,312.8
Real GDP growth (%) 5.7 4.9
GDP per capita (US$) 3,751
Inflation (%) 3.9 4.7
Exports (US$ billion) 1,254.0 1,109.5^
Imports (US$ billion) 1,220.6 1,091.9^
Export (% change) (YoY) +2.7 -1.1%^
Import (% change) (YoY) +0.1 -0.6%^

^ Jan-Nov 2013 for six ASEAN countries, namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam




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