Why Email and Export Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Export marketing has changed dramatically since the emergence of the Internet, as it’s become easier than ever for companies and customers to keep in touch. And when it comes to communication, few methods are as effective as email. Whether it is internal communications concerning policies or reaching out to customers, you can’t go wrong with electronic mail.


How Email Helps the Export Marketing Business

As anyone who’s into the export marketing business will tell you, it’s complex, and requires constant communication with your team so everyone stays on the same page. For instance, a quick email provides answers to common and even complex questions, and it’s an effective medium for explaining intricate international transactions. Second, you can use email for assessing the performance of staff and personnel and notify members which ones need retraining if necessary.

To this day, email remains one of the primary mediums for discussing sensitive matters such as sales figures and projections, your company’s position in the market and of course, sending documents, charts and other paperwork back and forth. Email also makes it easy to talk about various business practices and partnerships you’ve entered to increase your market presence.


Using Email to Fortify Policies and Market Position

Companies today use email to flesh out their policies, both current and planned, and how it will affect their position in the industry. In addition, companies in the export marketing business can use it to conveniently discuss risks and steps you’ve taken to protect your business, particularly intellectual property. Unlike phone conversations, email allows you to communicate with several people at once and you can send all the necessary attachments so your coworkers and staff can read them.


Keeping in Touch with Customers

One of the more important functions of email is it allows you to build a solid marketing plan, because you are always in touch with customers. By constantly monitoring the feedback you’re receiving, you’ll be able to modify your plans accordingly. But there’s a lot more that email can do, as it helps you keep focused on the industry and remember who you target customers are. In fact, the type of email that you receive can indicate if your target audience is being reached or not.

Email correspondences with your staff and customers also give you an idea of the effects of the marketing strategy you’re using and if the pricing is appropriate or not. At the same time, the information you get tells you which segment of the market you need to concentrate on. Aside from those already mentioned, the information and feedback tells you if the marketing material being used provides an accurate portrayal of the value and quality of your services and products.


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