How to use Baidu for Export Marketing to China?

As China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia all have numerous Chinese speakers, it is vital to have a Chinese website that can instantly connect your business with the majority of the Asian market.

Generally, SEO efforts are aimed towards achieving higher rankings with Google and occasionally with Bing and Yahoo. However, in addition to these three, Baidu is the most popular Chinese search engine which will be utilized by your target audience, then it’s worth spending some time optimizing your site for your export marketing purpose.


Baidu, a Growing Search Engine
Since Baidu is considered big in China whose total population is more than one billion, ranking well in this search engine would certainly make a difference. In fact, for somebody who’d like to operate globally with targets that are China-based, it’s a must to grab this opportunity.


Baidu’s share in the Chinese market is over 60%. It’s even more popular than Google. So, if you’re targeting the Chinese market, the next best thing is to get your website optimized for Baidu. Take note that the Big 3 algorithms are different. In a sense, Baidu’s logarithms are less sophisticated as it resembles algorithms that were used many years ago.


Content is King for Baidu
Also, content is king for Baidu. This means you have to choose the right Chinese keywords since they’re important in achieving good rankings. This might prove to be a real challenge since Chinese has numerous dialects. The same words mean different depending on the Chinese dialect you’re going to use.


Pinyin Chinese
Pinyin Chinese appears to be the best choice since it is Baidu’s preference. Stick to using Pinyin not only for keywords purposes but also for the entire content. Lots of content are needed and they must be in Chinese. When generating tons of Chinese content, follow the official rules as to what type of content is considered acceptable in China. The reason behind is that there are stringent rules and if you disobey, it’s going to cost you more than good rankings with Baidu.


Meta Tags and their Value
Similar to the early search engine days, Meta tags are vital in Baidu. Don’t forget to come up with top-notch Meta tags. However, do not abuse and avoid stuffing Meta tags with keywords. This will not earn the approval of the search bots.


Pinyin Chinese Domain Name
It’s also important that you obtain a Pinyin Chinese domain name aside from hosting your website on Chinese hosts. You may utilize extensions such as .cn, .net or .com. In addition, Chinese hosts provide much better outcomes since this will provide an extra bonus with Baidu.


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