Linking Email Marketing with Export Marketing

Export marketing can be a tricky railroad if you don’t know how to cross the borders and communicate with your overseas customers. Building a strong relationship with your potential leads is a very important step in gaining conversions in the US but it becomes several times more crucial abroad.

This is because the people overseas are not familiar with your company and your products. They already have a domestic market that is thriving and providing everything they need. You need to show them why your company matters and why they should be spending time and money on what you offer.

Email marketing is a way to break in through the cultural barriers and getting them to intimately know your company, its services and products, and why you matter in their marketplace.


Email Marketing Provides a Platform for Communication

You’ll need a translator to make sure all of your email content is in their native language but once you lock it down it becomes a powerful asset.

You can use emails to bring readers to a guest blog advertising or reviewing your product or showcasing a new partnership with a local company. You can use emails to lead readers to a forum, to social media pages, and your company website to learn more.

Most importantly, you are constantly communicating with your consumers even when you’re just sending them notifications about discount items and new products on the shelf.


Email Marketing Builds Repertoire

As mentioned above, one thing you need to do is convince the consumers that you are a cut above the local competition. If there’s a Chinese company selling industrial chemicals to local factories then you need to email your subscribers how your chemicals are of a higher grade, how your chemicals were used by high-profile companies in other countries or the US, and why your deal is cheaper in the long run.

This is a technique that builds a level of intimacy with your readers. They should learn to like your company and your products. This will ensure that they read every email you send instead of just dumping them into the spam box.


Email Marketing is Cheap

It’s cheap in a good way – you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to communicate with your customers. Good management of social media outlets like Pinterest and Facebook will get people into your email list and email marketing is a powerful but cheap way to keep them coming back for more.

This doesn’t mean email marketing should be an afterthought. You have to make each email worth their time. Everything from the subject line to the format of the content will play a part in pushing them to delete the message or click on to your site and make a purchase.


If you consider to use email marketing as your export marketing strategy, you may also consider world importers & buyers directory.


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