Does an Export Marketing Business Need a Website?

As the B2B trade platforms are very popular and commonly used by exporters and manufacturers, does an export marketing enterprise really need a website?


The short answer is yes, if you’re into the export marketing business you need a website and for many reasons. However, it’s not enough that you set up a website as you need to make sure that your presence online makes a difference and can help your business attain its objectives.


Setting Down the Objectives

The first thing you need to do is set down the reasons why you want to establish your own website. The reasons will vary of course, but as a general guide it should be to get people interested in your products and services, promote them, encourage people to buy and stay a step ahead of the competition. At the same time your website should help develop the appropriate strategic pricing techniques so your business makes profit.


Apart from those, your website can be used to set up a realistic price and profit range. By using the information left behind by site visitors, not to mention email and feedback, you’ll have little trouble assessing production, delivery and distribution costs and how well you’re doing against the competition. The last point in particular is easy to figure out as you just need to check where you place in in search engine results.


Other Ways That a Website Can Help

Your website can also be used to provide information that will affect your customers and business partners, including currency fluctuations and exchange rates, and you can also use your website to provide information about business, credit checks and more.


Taking the Next Step

Ultimately what a website can do is help your business determine what the next step will be and also figure out how much the market can bear given the prevailing situation. In addition, the Internet gives you an opportunity to size up the competition in the market and where you stand. A lot of factors affect the market exporting business, and depending on the situation you may need to undercut or match the price to gain market share.


Whatever the case may be the Internet and your website can provide valuable information concerning the pricing and customer behavior, allowing you to make the necessary changes to the price, shipping and other figures. In addition you can use the web to attract more customers, and as people now use the Internet for research, it’s important that the website is updated regularly to meet the needs of your customers. Hence, your export marketing website design should be well planned and constructed to meet its objectives.



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