How to promote your export marketing website to global importers using internet marketing?

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Since international buyers & importers search product information and purchase from exporters using internet, more and more foreign trade enterprises set up their foreign trade export marketing website and apply both internet marketing and offline marketing strategies (e.g. trade fair and exhibition marketing) in their export marketing mix to promote their products worldwide. In order to attain best effect, we list some steps and points to be noted as below:


1)      Get a good domain for your site

For the best effect in internet marketing, it is vital to set up an foreign trade export marketing website as the first step to start. Before proceeding to build the website, it is especially important to register a good domain which should be short, easily brandable, easy-to-remember, and contains the important keyword or search phrase if possible, so that it will facilitate website promotion and brand building latter.


2)      Build a killer website for your export business

Your website is the window to your protential buyers’ first access. Perphaps, it is the only one that your clients will judge your business and then make decision to cooperate with you or not. Whatever your business size, you may impress your clients (the international importers and buyers for your products) and build their confident to you using a professional and well-organized export marketing website. Hence, it should consider the visitor’s culture and searching practice during the web design and production phrases. It of course should not overlook the competitors’ websites and their internet marketing strategies. It is vital to apply search engine optimization (SEO), web usability, and social media marketing during the web design.


3)      Put your site URL everywhere

After you built your website, it is time to make your clients and prospects know about your website. No one will visit your website if you don’t promote it. Put your website URL on your business cards, the letter heads, envelops, all promotion literatures, and in the signature of all of your emails.


4)      Submit to search engines and directories

In the internet ages today, most people search product information on the web using a search engine or directory. It is therefore important to submit your website to the search engines and directories which bring your site free qualified traffic. However, no one can find your website if your web pages cannot be listed in the top position of the search result pages. It is therefore necessary to optimize your web pages using ethical search engine optimization techniques before submitting to the search engines and directories.


5)      Build external links

Another way to generate quality traffic to your website is to build external links of similar related business to your site. External links not only can boost your site traffic but also increase your search engine ranking. Traffic from search engines is very qualified because these leads are more targeted and more valuable than traditional media advertising methods.


6)      Promote by email marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective direct marketing method to bring most targeted prospects to your website and also build a strong base of repeat customers if it can be properly set. For export marketing, the Global Importers and Buyers Directory is a valuable lead source and international direct marketing tool for export promotion.

Besides, it is effective method to collect the subscribers’ emails on the website for subsequent email follow-ups.


7)      Use Pay-per-click Ad

Pay-per-click Ad is the most direct, simple, and fast effective tool to promote the website. A strategically and properly used pay-per-click ad can work together with search engine optimization strategy to generate significant qualified traffic to the website.


8)      Use blog marketing

Corporate blog is an effective tool to build brand and authorities. It can also generate traffic to the site and act as a magnet to attract linking.


9)      Post business information and trade leads

It is possible to post trade leads and business information on internet to promote the website via industry portals, yellow pages and directory sites, supplier and exporter directories, global B2B supply and demand trade lead sites, etc.


10)      Use video marketing

Video marketing is an internet marketing channel to display videos of corporate products and events on video media sites to promote the website and enhance its credibility.


11)      Integrate Strategies Online and Offline

An effective campaign uses an export marketing mix including online and offline marketing strategies. It is also important to track the effectiveness of the marketing strategy by monitoring the site traffic and visitor’s performance and then make necessary changes in the marketing strategies.


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