5 Mistakes that Kill Email Marketing Conversions

Email marketing is supposed to be one of the most important tactics to turn leads into conversions. You want the people already interested in your online business to go back and actually buy something. By sending emails you are constantly pushing their buttons, making them more interested to spend.

However, an email marketing campaign cannot simply be fulfilled by random tactics. You cannot just send the same messages promoting the same things five times a day. You’ll be dropped into their spam box and be forgotten forever.

What are the usual mistakes that kill a promising marketing premise? Consider the following critical mistakes that can kill all hope for email conversions:


Using Too Many Images

Remember that a lot of people aren’t always connected to fast internet sources so they will most likely have images disabled in their email settings. This means an email that focuses too heavily on images will look like a blank page wasting the reader’s time.

If you’re conversion rates depend on HTML content then you can’t avoid using images but there are ways to work around this. For one thing, make sure the content conveys the message even without the included images and make sure that the images use relevant, eye-catching ALT tags.

It’d be great if the image loads but if it doesn’t you will want your readers to see “5 Brand New Items for the Summer instead of “image cannot load”. It’ll make them interested to load the images.


No Personalization

Personalize the messages. There are apps that make this easier but you will want to make each email message relevant for the reader.

For example: a business selling video games and merchandise might reveal a customer is fond of a certain video game series. Your email message should contain something like “You’ve spent time searching through our Legend of Zelda products so here is a list of the ones we have at a 40% discount!”

This level of personalization connects with customers. They get the feeling that a lot of the work is done for them and that your business can always be a reliable source of great deals relevant to what they need and want.


Too Many Choices and Call to Actions

Here’s where a lot of email marketing strategies fall flat: a single message with too many roads. A message with links to men’s clothing, women’s clothing, discount deals, and social media will confuse a reader. Focus on a single choice and use one very strong call to action.

Your call to action shouldn’t be generic, it should give specifics and it should drive their curiosity. Add in one subject that the customer might be interested in and you’ve hooked them in. One good example is “We’re offering a 40% discount on all black hoodies today. There are currently 3,851 shoppers already taking advantage of it, click here to be one of them before the offer runs out.”



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