5 Special Rules for Export Marketing Using Email Promotion

Many marketers are already familiar with the basic rules of effective email marketing. For example, you need to have a compelling subject line so that the recipient is tempted to open the email, you need to make your point quickly, and of course there has to be a call to action.


But there are other concerns especially when it comes to export marketing. You are basically writing to someone who lives in another country, and there is an undercurrent of suspicion and distrust which you must first overcome. Here are some of the rules you need to keep in mind so that you come up with an effective email message:


Rule #1. Spotlight the benefits of your products and services for your recipient.
The essential point-of-view here is the potential customer’s. You have to address the question that every potential customer asks: What’s in it for me? You have to focus on how your products will make your potential customer’s life easier, better, and more enriching. You can tell them about the various ways your product can help them, the ways in which your product is better than your competitors’, and how much they can save using your products.


Rule #2.Address the obvious objections.
Anticipate the most common reasons why the recipient won’t want your product, and then blast these objections to smithereens. If they haven’t heard of your company, give a short intro and then give them some press clippings and links to news articles citing your company. If they cast doubt on the quality of your products, tell them about the awards your products have received or the quality standard certifications you have qualified for. Give them links to positive reviews online.


Rule #3.Keep it professional.
Using slang may work for your local customers, but for potential customers in other countries it can be confusing or even offensive. And of course, keeping it professional means you have to check your spelling and grammar.

You should also adhere to the international rules of netiquette. Don’t spam. Don’t use all caps. Keep it polite.


Rule #4.See if you can use some words in the recipient’s local language.
This shows some initiative, and it also highlights the fact that you are customizing your email messages to fit the profile of your potential customers. Essentially, recipients get a kick out of reading local words when they receive international emails. Just make sure you use the words correctly.


Rule #5.  Analyze customer response.
You won’t always get it right the first time, so you need to know what kind of approaches work with a certain type of recipient. Monitor their responses so that you can improve and tweak your emails for maximum effect.


Besides, it is also important to select the right list of potential customers to send your export email promotion. You may consider the world importers & buyers directory as your email list of promotion, optimize your landing page and SEO friendly web design to impress your target customers.


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