Attracting Customers is Easier Using B2B Trade Platforms

If your business is still struggling, perhaps you are not taking advantage of the b2b trade platforms. Utilizing such platforms in your export marketing will significantly increase the number of clients you will attract to your portal.


For you to make your products or services competitive among hundreds of sellers around the world, you need to know how to use b2b trade platforms in your online marketing efforts.


  1. Organize the Details of Your Company

You cannot establish a credible reputation online on a b2b portal if your company details are unclear. The first thing you have to organize is the full and clear detail of all information that your target clients need with regards to your company and your products.


Customers tend to put their trusts on suppliers that supply detailed and correct information about their business. This indicates that the company is serious in its desire to be regarded as the best supplier of his products and services.


  1. Publish All Your Products

If you are going to be regarded as a credible supplier, you cannot just offer one or two of your products. You need to make an impression to your target clients. Therefore, you need to post as many products as you can in your b2b portal


With a string of products offered by your company, your company will appear established and reputable. But be sure that all the products you are offering on your website are properly supported (technical and customer service) so that should any problem or concerns arise, your customers will be assured of quick resolution to their issues.


  1. Practice Clear Communication

All your communications with your clients should be very clear, without any ambiguous implications. Offers should be precise as to the kind of products or services, their specifications, their prices, and their delivery dates. Any ambiguity in any of these particulars will make your transactions faulty.


  1. Respond Promptly to Your Client’s Counteroffer

When a customer hesitates in pursuing any deal you are negotiating, quickly respond to his concerns. Give him the impression that you are there to provide what he needs. And as long as both of you come out as winners, try as much as you can to provide that need.


  1. Select the Best Platform for your Products

There are many b2b trade platforms that are used by all kinds of merchants today. You are the best judge as to which of these platforms is best for your kinds of products or services.


Some of the most popular comprehensive platforms are,, and so forth. If you have a special market niche, you can choose the industrial b2b trade platforms such as and similar portals.


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