A Primer on B2B Trade Platforms for Export Marketing

The internet has been a major influence in popularizing b2b trade platforms worldwide. With this system, and the help of the internet, businessmen are having an easier time in conducting their export and import business online. Having the right knowledge of its utilization gives more opportunities to online export businesses to grow and expand.


The Nature of b2b Trade Platforms

If there is an online transaction between two individuals or companies, the business deal is called e-commerce. The transaction is made possible through the use of an e-commerce platform.


There are two types of online transactions made today by those who use the internet to buy or sell goods or services. One is through online stores and the other is through b2b portals. Their main difference is that an online store is run by a company, while a b2b portal is typically operated by an individual.


Types of b2b Trade Platforms

There are basically two types of b2b trade platforms. They are:


  • Customer-oriented platforms, where the company accesses the b2b e-commerce platform to examine the available offer, and if it is profitable, he can place his order, or request a modification of the offer.
  • Supplier-oriented platforms, where the company uses the b2b portal to advertise its products or services, along with other useful details such as prices and stocks to facilitate the sales process and offer customer discounts.


What b2b Trade Platforms Can Give You

The usual advantages you can enjoy in using b2b trade platforms are the following:


  1. You gain round the clock access to a promotional and sales channels
  2. You can use a flexible application which you use to personalize your business, workflows, and so forth.
  3. You can increase customer loyalty.
  4. You gain access to many types of promotional methods, suited to the character of the online trade.
  5. You have high accessibility anywhere the internet is available, including mobile platforms.
  6. You will no longer need to print too many copies of product catalogues.
  7. You enjoy faster and easier communications with your clients.
  8. You enjoy real time offer updates.
  9. You have the opportunity to attach pictures, videos and different types of multimedia to enhance your sales process.
  10. You have an easier way to present your product’s beneficial features.


By using b2b trade platforms, the exchange and utilization of electronic data has rapidly increased worldwide. Websites using these platforms have a great future ahead of them. It was projected that the beginning decades of the 21st century will see the b2b industry rising to prominence in online business utilization. That projection has already taken place.


More development and innovations in the present b2b trade platforms are in the offing. The exchange of money, goods and services will never be the same again.




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