Beginner’s Start to International Trade – English to Chinese Website Translation

Any business that plans to sooner or later open their doors for international trade should consider having multilingual portals for their site. The best examples are always going to be Facebook and Amazon. Amazon has 13 language portals while Facebook can be viewed in well over 100.

And it’s more than just being able to open up your business for oversea consumers. A French consumer might be buying something from a website even when he is living in the US.

However, if you had to choose the first language to translate to, it is always a wiser decision to begin with English to Chinese website translation.


Why Start with Chinese?

There are over 1.3 billion Chinese speakers all over the globe. That accounts for people living in China and for people living in the United States, Taiwan, the UK, and many other countries. Chinese is by far the most widely spoken language, beating English by over 200 million speakers.

That means there are literally billions of people who would rather access a website presented in Chinese instead of English.

Another important fact is that China has the largest population in the world. By translating your site into Chinese you are practically unlocking the gates to do business with Chinese consumers and build relations with Chinese investors, partnering companies, and more.


Chinese is a Difficult but Practical Starting Point

Chinese is also one of the most difficult to translate into because of how different it is from English. Words and phrases are represented in few characters – sometimes just one – and this means every page needs to be re-coded in order to properly display these characters in a way that optimizes space.

Images take more time to be edited, SEO-specific tasks take weeks to change, and the complexity of Chinese writing requires expensive translation service in order to get it right.

However, all of this makes Chinese a perfect starting point. If you can successfully get your website translated into Chinese without losing the context your website holds then you can undoubtedly get your site done in any other language such as French, German, Japanese, and many others.


China is the Hot Target

If you’ve noticed today’s trends, everyone is trying to break into the Chinese market. Financial companies, fast food chains, and now even Hollywood is by releasing their movies in China before they are released in the United States! The reason is simple: China is populated with billions of people!

You have to think of international trade the same way as real estate; soon enough the land will all be bought and owned. Translate your site into Chinese today and grab a hold of the market there before someone else does.



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