Beginner’s Start to Export Marketing – Website Translation

Multilingual website translation is a vital step in export marketing success. Amazon has 13 language portals while Facebook can be viewed in over 100. If you had to choose the first language to translate to, it is always a wiser decision to begin translating your website into Chinese.

Exporting China is a big step and here takes a look at some important reasons you will want to consider:


  1. Most Widely Spoken Language

Chinese is by far the most widely spoken language, beating English by over 200 million speakers. There are over 1.3 billion Chinese speakers all over the globe. That accounts for people living in China and for people living in the United States, Taiwan, the UK, and many other countries. That means there are literally billions of people who would rather access a website presented in Chinese instead of English. Hence, website translation in Chinese is important for Chinese market success.


  1. Largest Population in the World

China has the largest population with billions of people in the world. Every business is trying to break into the Chinese market. By translating your site into Chinese, you are practically unlocking the gates to do business with Chinese consumers and build relations with Chinese investors, partnering companies, and more. Hence, it is a vital step for your export marketing in China market.


  1. Better Chance to Build Online Relations

It is hard for you to start exporting goods when no one from China knows you exist. You will want to invest in trade fairs and opening partnerships with Chinese businesses in order to establish your company overseas. However, that process will take time and money. It will require you to physically interact with other businessmen across the seas. With a Chinese export marketing website you are now opening your business to guest blogs, free space for backlinking, and other SEO tactics.


  1. Better Chance to Present Your Company

Even before you think about going to trade fairs you’ll want to launch your Chinese website. This is because you will want to give flyers, pamphlets, and business cards to everyone you meet, and hopefully that website is in their native language.

When you’re up on the center stage to present your company and its products to your Chinese associates, wouldn’t be helpful to show your website in Chinese? Not only will it be convenient for them but it will also show some conviction on your part.


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