How to Use Web Psychology in Export Web Design

People often talk about web layout, content, SEO and such, and they’re important no doubt in web design. But what few marketers realize is just how important the psychology of the user is, because if you can apply this properly you’ll be able to communicate with them on a deeper level.

Here takes a look at different aspects using web psychology in export web design:


  1. Show What Your Website is about

Look at some of the most successful websites and you’ll see what they’re about on the homepage. On Facebook you see faces, indicating that it’s for chat. If you go to YouTube it’s clear that this is for watching videos and Instagram for sharing photos. Your website needs to convey a solid message to the visitor so with a single look they’ll know what your website is about.


  1. Make Website Visitors Feel Comfortable

The layout and images on your website serve as indicators of the content and what the product – and the people behind the product – are about. This doesn’t have to be complicated and it pays to keep things simple. All you really need to do is show images  that website visitors can relate to.

If your website sells dog food there should be images of happy healthy dogs. If you’re selling clothes, the images and design have to suit the target market (men, women, children, etc.). In short, your goal is to put people at ease by making them feel like they belong there.


  1. Simplify the Options

Options are good, but too many can result in confusion and paralysis. As much as possible, the choices should be no more than three. If multiple options are necessary, convert these into a cascade so they only have to choose from two options and then go to the others.


Calls to action are most effective when there are as few choices as possible, because the more choices there are the more confused the customer might end up. The same is true when it comes to places to go on the website: keep the choices limited so visitors keep moving.


  1. Use the Proper Words

The right words are those that communicate with the visitor. Whenever you’re promoting a product, you have to address the person directly, and that means using the word “you”. Talk to them directly, and let them know that you know why they’re here.


  1. Emphasize Trust and Credibility

It’s hard to stress the importance of trust and credibility because that is what will ultimately decide whether the visitor stays or goes. The best way to show you care is by providing contact information (phone, email, chat, etc.) as this sends a signal that their feedback matters. Adding a help section or a FAQ also helps because it means you’re taking the extra step to assist them.


Our web design team concerns web psychology and usability issues during the design phrase. If you would like to learn more about our SEO friendly web design for your export marketing website and export marketing solution, please contact us.


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