Building an Email List with Social Media

Email marketing is far from dead – as a matter of fact, one of the key reasons why has succeeded so well is because of its great email marketing strategy. One of the best tools you can use to build an email is social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter might not seem so professional but when used properly they can be powerful assets to communicate with your consumers.


Step #1 – Have Links to Your Subscription Signup Page

Don’t post the link every 24 hours. That can get annoying and it will pop up as spam on their Facebook timeline. Instead, include it with your Facebook posts. For example: you can post a webinar video on Facebook or a blog post and have the link added at the bottom.

Don’t cut content either. Sometimes it is fine but it can infuriate some social media users. An example of content cutting is: “To read the rest of this article, please subscribe to our newsletter”. It’s an obvious move and it complicates things for the reader.

Remember, everything should be convenient and quick so that the reader is motivated to click through.


Step #2 – Use Promotional Posts

Got a new product that comes with an exclusive discount? Inform your Facebook and Twitter followers with a post but indicate that only newsletter subscribers will receive the discount. This will get a lot of people to instantly sign up because of the attractive nature of exclusivity and rewards.


Step #3 – Give Things Away

Facebook can easily create thousands of viewers. Within a month you’ll have a lot of eyes on your company and the products you offer. One of the best ways to take advantage of this is to give valuable things for free.

This means giving away ebooks, videos, exclusive blog content, and early access to new products and services. Don’t give everything away though. Here’s a good and simple strategy: give ebooks away to all your Facebook followers but indicate only newsletter subscribers will get early access to new products.


Step #4 – Connecting Social Media with Blogging

Blogging is a powerful tool, especially for export marketing and for educating your customers about certain products, your company, or the niche you specialize in. Blogs are great tools for B2B basics and can also be used in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter to build email lists.

Got a new post on your blog? Post it on your Facebook page. Let your followers discover your blog and they’ll land on the signup page if you got the right blog design, especially if you require people to sign up before they can comment on a blog post.

These simple steps are very basic in nature but when used right they can guarantee an email list that can help you instantly connect with potential leads. With a longer, more potent email list you can expect higher conversions in the long run.

If you use email marketing as your export marketing tool, you may also consider world importers & buyers directory as your email list to start contacting international buyers.


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