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Email marketing is a very important element when trying to reach a global audience. However, you do not want to look like spam content in your targets’ inbox. You want to catch their attention just with the subject line, hook them in to open the message, and grab them with the content.

This is one of your most powerful tools because it is one of the few ways you can immediately communicate with your customers even when they are across the seas. Here is a look at some of the vital content you should have to make sure you hook them in with the very first email:

    • Subject Line with a Promise – the subject line is going to determine whether they open it or add it to the spam box. You want a subject line that delivers a promise like “15% discount on wholesale export”. It has to be something specific and eye-catching.


    • Text That Delivers the Promise – the actual content of the email should follow up on that promise. You want to keep consistent. Show the customer how that promise is delivered in a way that is convenient for them. You want them to grow a desire to do business with you.


    • Use Quick-to-Load Visuals – on average, people will delete an open email message in 60 seconds if they can’t get it to load completely. You need images and videos to enhance their desire and hook them in but don’t overdo it to the point where the message won’t load. This is where HTML messaging comes in handy.


    • Include Call to Action – don’t forget the call to action! You’ve promoted your product or company so give them the reminder to visit the page, click the link, and check what you have to offer. This is the most crucial part of the message because it can turn leads into sales.

A few good examples are “click here for more information” and “click here to avail of one today!” Another great example is “click the link below to get a discount offer before the offer runs out.”


    • Quick Links – don’t add in hyperlinks to the home page. Get them immediately to the landing page (Landing Page Optimization) that was promised in the email. If you are promoting a new product then bring them to that product. Promised a few discount coupons? Bring them directly to the download page so they can avail of the coupon codes.

Having the best email content will guarantee your audience will start paying attention. You don’t want your emails getting dumped into the spam box. That can be fatal for your business, especially if you’re just starting to export and work with companies overseas.

You want to build your brand abroad quickly and firmly. Email marketing is going to be a crucial step to get there. With the right content more people will pay attention and sales will rise without a doubt.

Finally, you may need a good email list to start your email campaign. We suggest you consider world importers & buyers directory as your email marketing tool.


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