5 Budget Friendly Web Marketing Strategies

In an ideal world you have all the money and time to market your brand online, but since we don’t live in an ideal world, it’s important to set priorities. While competition may be cutthroat, that doesn’t mean you have to splurge as there are ways to market your company without spending a fortune.


  1. Know the Market

This means knowing your audience, market and demographics. You don’t have to hire a research firm to do this because a thorough analysis of your product will be enough. Look at the product and ask: who will be interested in it? What gender? What age group? What is their probable financial status? By figuring these out you will know where to start putting your money.


  1. Determine Your Goals

Set short and long term goals for your website: for the short term your goal could be to increase revenue and awareness, with expansion to other markets for the long term. As you set goals, keep track of them and once they’ve been reached, set new ones so your website can expand.


  1. Put Together a Budget

Only after you have completed the two points above should you put together a budget. The good part is once you know the goals, you can succeed even with limited funds. There are many cost effective –even free- marketing strategies and tools, but you need to take a look at your website’s product and determine if that’s what you really need. As in investing, sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

Tip: you can save a lot of money by using social media; it’s free and reaches millions of people around the world.


  1. Establish Brand Identity

What sets your website apart from the others?  What makes your product unique? These are questions you need to answer because chances are there are thousands of competing products online. To start with your domain name needs to be your website to establish brand recall. If your company name is similar to others, change it.

How you want people to view your brand is entirely up to you, but once you’ve made up your mind stick with it. Second, your website’s design needs to look professional, easy to navigate and reliable.


  1. Optimize Your Website

If someone looks for information on Google about something relevant to your product, clearly you want your website to appear. So how do you do this? By providing relevant content, using commonly searched keywords, backlinks, and so on.

There’s no question that SEO takes time and can be complicated. There’s also the fact that the rules can change when Google updates the search algorithm. But it is something worth investing in because it can mean the difference between success and failure.


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