The Web Marketing Strategies for Your Export Marketing Success

For every successful Internet business startup you read about, there are probably ten or more that failed. What’s all the more unfortunate is many have good products and ideas, but poor marketing doomed the endeavor from the start. If you want to succeed in your export marketing, here are some effective web marketing strategies:


  1. What is the Goal?

Why are you building a website? Is your goal to attract visitors to buy your products? Or are you going to use the website to increase the number of people who call and avail of your services? You need to know the goals and second, establish a system that can measure your success rate.


  1. Provide Quality Content

Few marketing tools are as important as content. Simply put, websites with original, regularly updated content gets a high Google rank. No matter what your website’s product or  service is, make sure that it’s useful and unique and that it matches your business goals. In other words, original content paves the way for success and makes marketing easier.


  1. The <Title> Tag Matters

This is often an overlooked area but make no mistake about it, this is important. It’s one of the first things that a site visitor sees, so it has to describe your business and must contain the keywords you want associated with your company. The title tag should also have the necessary local keywords, if applicable.


  1. Use Analytics and Tracking

Tools like Google Analytics provides plenty of data like where your site visitors are from, what they look at in your website, how long they remain there and what they do. As you can tell these data are valuable for determining how successful your web marketing strategies are. It’s also a good idea to track all the leads your website generates.


  1. Know the Competition

You can bet your bottom dollar the competition is checking up on you, so return the favor and visit their websites. Use keywords related to your website and check if your rivals appear on Google. Do a bit of research and find out what people say about these sites, and learn what they’re doing right and wrong.


  1. Admit the Flaws

No website is perfect and if you want to succeed, learn to view your export marketing website objectively. Examine every nook and cranny and approach it like a customer, and ask: does the website provide the information I’m looking for? Is it easy to navigate?


  1. Use Video

There’s no better way to demonstrate how your product works than by using video. Website visitors will be more likely to watch a short video than read through walls of text, so videos and photos are essential.

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