Fundamentals of Conversion Optimization for Export Marketing Web Design

If you want to convert passive visitors of your export marketing website to active customers, you need to understand your need for conversion optimization. Once your website is optimized for your visitors, they will be more engaged in your contents, and possibly buy what you are selling.


What is Conversion Rate Optimization?


Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is the strategy of using feedback and web analytics to enhance the performance of your export website. In other words, it is turning cursory visitors to active and buying customers. It is a system that you can use to improve your website’s metrics that are important to your export business’ success.


These are called Key Performance Indicators or KPIs which you want to improve. It is related to getting new customers, downloads, registrations and so forth. This strategy enhances user experience leading him to say “this is the website that can satisfy my needs.”


Fundamental Concepts of CRO


At its most basic level, conversion optimization means checking out the needs of the passive visitors of your website and providing them what they really need. This process takes a number of forms depending on the KPIs that you want to improve.


There are times that this process will involve making your sales appeal more obvious or putting this call-to-action on your under-optimized but traffic-heavy web page.


Sometimes, you may need to relocate or even totally remove time-consuming or unrelated process from your conversion channel. These unnecessary steps could present additional encumbrances preventing customer conversions.


Is It Really Important?


CRO is indeed important for many reasons. Consider the following:


  • You may be spending money for increasing traffic to your export website. A higher conversion rate will mean a better ROI.
  • CRO is also more cost-effective in converting a high percentage of visitors already using your website regularly, than attracting fresh visitors.
  • Optimizing your conversion rate will enable you to diffuse the fleeting attention of the average website visitors because they will get what they want before they get tired looking for it.


Important Considerations


You also need to understand that conversion rate optimization is really all about getting the right kind of customers. It is not just carelessly optimizing your website’s conversion rate.


Your efforts will be in vain if you are still getting the wrong kinds of customers. The customers that you need should be fitted to the type of products or services you are selling.


It is this focus of optimization that you should not lose sight of. If you find the right types of customers, and provide them a product or service that truly solves their problems, they will be your additional word of mouth advertisers ensuring the success of your export business.


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