Using Web Psychology for Online Persuasion for Export Marketing Website

You really can’t tell what makes people stay with your website and what makes them skip it in just a few seconds of browsing. There are many hidden psychological influences that influence them to do this.


Importance of Using Web Psychology


If you want to succeed in export marketing, you need to understand web psychology for online persuasion. Knowing or not knowing how important web psychology is to your export business will spell your success or doom on the internet.


Web psychology is loosely defined as the study of the manner by which the internet and its environment affects the attitude and behavior of people. Armed with this understanding, many modern psychologists have developed concepts and strategies on how to use the internet to psychologically influence people to buy products, services and ideas.


How to Use Web Psychology


You need to learn how to use certain scientific concepts developed by psychologists, as well as some concepts of behavioral economics to create a more effective, user-friendly and persuasive export marketing websites.


Here are a few tips on using web psychology for online persuasion:


  1. Make enticing offers on your website

One way of making your export website stand out from your competitors is by displaying enticing selling propositions prominently on your web pages. Your sales message must be clearly stated with no ambiguities to avoid confusing your customers.


Special discounts and free gifts must be highlighted. These things will significantly influence the minds of your target market.


  1. Use spaces and colors wisely


Study the psychology of different colors and use them wisely in your webpages. The color of your logo will basically define the colors that you will use in your web pages, but you still need to consider colors that will elicit responsive feelings to your visitors.


One color you need to consider is blue. It is believed to have a calming and relaxing effect. It is also perceived to represent honesty and integrity. That’s the impression you want your target market to have for your company.


And don’t forget your utilization of space. A strategic white space is very powerful. Therefore, don’t let your web pages be cluttered with a lot of colors and things. Use white spaces wisely and your web pages will look good and persuasive.


  1. Carefully consider the positioning of your design elements


You must not put anything in any one place just because you want it there. Consider the findings of the Nielson Norman Group which conducted a study that revealed the viewing habits of internet users.


They found out that people has a tendency of reading in an ‘F’ shaped pattern. You have to consider this pattern in the layout design of your web pages. The most important contents of your website must be placed there.


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