How to Generate Export Leads with Web Marketing

An integral part of any web marketing campaign is being able to generate leads, but it’s easier said than done. Constant testing, drawn-out campaigns and expensive ads often produce marginal improvements, which can be disheartening. Often though, the problem lies not in the budget but in the way marketing is approached.


  1. Go Where Your Customers Are

There’s no sense using a newsletter if nobody’s signing up, and if people find your website via your Facebook page, then you need to use Facebook more to promote both your website and your product. Keep in mind that social media is free and it doesn’t have to be in conflict with your website: use them together.


  1. Emphasize Visual Marketing

We live in a visual age where photos and videos are powerful marketing tools. They can say a lot more about your product than page after page of text. Aside from Facebook, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great for promotion. Don’t limit the photos to just the products, as you should also include members of your team and corporate events and show the human touch in your business. This is very important because it tells your customers you’re not just a large, faceless, heartless company, but is run by real people.


  1. Curated Content Helps

Your website doesn’t exist alone, and oftentimes it pays to share videos, photos, articles and other interesting stuff you find inside your social profile. Curated content adds a new dynamic to your website and serves to emphasize the original content you have. At the same time, this offers you the opportunity to establish relationships with other businesses.


  1. Offer Free Stuff

Internet users like free stuff, so why not take advantage of it? Online retailers regularly offer free shipping, buy 1 take 1, free e-book samples and so on. In the mobile device industry, free games and apps are everywhere, so your website can use the same approach.


  1. Make Things Easy for the Site Visitor

The majority of Internet users don’t like to register or sign up to use a website. To avoid turning them off, offer content they can access without even signing up, but provide more for that do sign up or register an account at your website. Just remember to keep the signup form short.


  1. Off-Site Promotion Helps

This can be in the form of a guest blog, being on social media or participating in forums. Don’t limit your marketing campaign to just your website as you need to reach out to the people out there.


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