How to Use SEO to Increase Export Web Traffic

There is no shortage of SEO tips on the Internet today, and this is testament to how vital it is for generating traffic and revenue. Unfortunately, many of these tips go over the same things over and over and don’t offer anything new. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you have to do more than just add keywords.


  1. Check the URL

The server header needs to be correct so people can find your website, but there are free web tools that can verify this for you. Make certain the URL report says “200 OK” or if it is a redirect, the message says “301 Moved Permanently”. If the status report says something different, there’s something wrong and needs to be addressed.


  1. Delete Duplicate Content

Your SEO isn’t going to be helped by having webpages with similar content. In fact it will be easier for the visitor if similar content is in just one page. If you can combine the contents of similar pages in one, do it. This will reduce the links a site visitor has to click, and a smaller, leaner website is easier to manage.


  1. Expand SEO

There was a time when SEO simply meant links and keywords, but not anymore. Now you have to consider podcasts, mobile versions, social content, video and more. All of these are factored in. Your rivals don’t confine themselves to just links, and neither should you.


  1. Keep an Eye on the Latest Trends and News

Always keep an eye out on what customers are looking for in your market as well as news concerning the SEO industry. While you’re keeping an eye on the news, also look out for viral content that’s worth adding to your site and don’t forget visitor comments, sharing tools, reviews and similar content.


  1. Try Different Forms of Media

It’s true that articles and blogs are important, but in this day and age you cannot do without videos. Videos communicate more effectively than text especially when it comes to product demos. However, you need to add text with keywords around the video because that’s what search engines look at to determine the relevancy of the material. Apart from your website, the best place to put videos is YouTube, but Google also checks content from Metacafe, MSN and other websites so you can upload there as well.

Last but not the least, always use absolute links. They’re less of a hassle and gets rid of the problems involving onsite link navigation. Keep in mind too that links on websites with a high PageRank are extremely valuable, so backlinks here are very important, much more so than getting a bunch of poor, low quality links.


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