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Google Adwords

Google AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that charges you only when someone clicks your ad. You can reach your target buyers as they search for words or phrases (keywords) or browse websites with themes related to your business. Hence, those people are your quality buyers and more likely to take action.

What different between PPC and SEO?

Both SEO and Google Adwords are part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). For SEO, you can get free quality traffic if your website is optimized for search engines and rank high. SEO may take time but the results are generally long lasting.

For PPC, it can bring you faster results and better conversion but traffic stop when you stop PPC campaign. As search engines often change their algorithms in ranking, the results from SEO are unstable and hence it often requires to use both PPC and SEO as part of the internet marketing campaign.

Benefits of Google AdWords

1) a form of advertisement that can start promptly with measurable results
2) charge only when someone clicks your ad, not when your ad appears
3) more control of advertiser's budgets and target audiences
4) variety of bidding options
5) Google is the largest search engine in terms of search volume
6) wide coverage by advertising on the Google Display Network
7) Google Remarketing allows targeting browsers with interest in products but without taking action
8) strong management tools to improve your ad, save cost, and increase the number of potential customers

We help you to Access More Quality Clients with Less Cost

In the AdWords paid search advertising model, advertisers bid on their keywords that trigger their ads, and Google decides which ads are displayed and in what position based on each advertiser’s maximum bid and some factors such as Quality Score. Quality Score is determined by a number of factors which involve the keyword, ad copy, landing page, ad’s click-through rate (CTR), historical account performance, etc. A higher Quality Score equates to more impressions at lower costs. More relevant ads and landing pages also lead to more conversions and higher profit.

Quality Score

Access More Quality Clients with Less Cost

We are a professional search marketing agency with extensive experience in SEO, web design, website redesign, and PPC campaigns. Our team is certified Google Adwords and Analytics Professional, hence can help setting up your Adwords account, optimizing your ad copy and landing page, and managing your PPC campaign to drive better results for less money.

For details of the Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: