How to Rank High in Google by Maximizing SEO for Your Export Website

Even those new to e-commerce knows that search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to get to Google’s page one. If you’ve got a new website, or perhaps an old one that still hasn’t gotten up the ranks, perhaps it’s time to use a different approach and employ the strategies that professionals use.


Links and Keywords

When it comes to link building, always go for quality and not quantity. Google will reward a website with one good authoritative link than a site with ten, but poor links. In fact, peppering  your website with tons of poor links could result in a penalty.

The same rule applies to web content: search engines like Google and Bing prefer content with natural language and real information instead of just keywords. Before you merely had to fill a page with keywords and search engines would accept it. Now if they find that a webpage has too many keywords, it will be counted against the site. Furthermore, the text around the links has to be associated with the links and has to be descriptive.


Choose a Quality Server

As much as possible choose a solo server or one that has a good reputation. If you’re on a server or proxy that hosts a spammer or banned site, it will affect your ranking even if you have nothing to do with the website. Also keep in mind that availing of the services of companies that hide domain ownership info might be constituted as a spammer by Google.


Tips for Full Site Optimization

Aside from putting keywords in articles and blogs, the title tag needs to be optimized as well and focus on content, links and reputation. If you do well in these three your website’s popularity will go up and so will your ranking in Google. In addition to quality content, your website must be easy to use because otherwise, people aren’t going to bother going to your site.

This might seem obvious, but giving and sharing links helps a lot. If you share links with other websites, they will link back to you, and this will only help you in the end. However, this works only if your content is unique and of high quality. There’s a big difference between content that’s just unique and one that’s unique and high quality. Speaking of links, Google and other search engines like to put emphasis on .edu sites as well as nonprofit organizations. If at all possible, link to these.

Unless there’s a compelling reason why, don’t use a splash page with Flash as your homepage, as it’s better to provide links with information for easy navigation. If you really want to use a splash page, add navigation links and text.


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