6 Mortal Sins of Link Building for Export Marketing

Link building is a vital component of any search engine optimization strategy. This may come as a surprise, but with the manner by which Google’s algorithm was written today, it would be safe to say that inbound links will be determining over 60% of the website’s status with the use of the search engine.


Of course, the manner by which search engines evaluate inbound links is continuously changing. Nonetheless, there are particular no-no’s which will never change and these are known as the “black hat SEO” method. In case you’re planning to shop for an industry directory or a web agency, it’s important to watch out for these tricks.


  1. Hiding Links

Those who are applying black hat SEO try to bait the search bots with numerous links and texts but without offending the human eye. The main tactic is to camouflage such wordy mess. The following are some examples: using the same text shade as the background color, using special codes that hide texts off-screen and making texts that are too small to read.


  1. Buying Links

Links are often bought in volume. In fact, many web spammers are selling the same. A link buyer expects to appear on the first page of the SERPs faster than it should be when using natural web influence. As it is, obtaining inbound links is often difficult, slow and tedious but they last longer and they won’t get you in trouble with the search bots.


  1. Duplicate Content

In order to make a website appear heavier and bigger, black hatters are creating hundreds of pages which similar links and texts. But, search engines can now automatically penalize copies. This is the reason why SEO experts remain careful not to replicate materials on the website although they believe that the content is too great.


  1. Keyword Stuffing

During the previous years, black hatters used to overload pages using keywords in links, page content and Meta tags. This would explain why various reputable search engines no longer rely on their Meta tags in accurately describing the page.


  1. Purchasing Domains

The objective is to take over the domain which has already garnered a high page rank. The buyer wants to take advantage of the domain’s incoming links. Most marketers envy websites with a higher page rank and whenever a domain with a 5 page rank appears, they’d surely buy the same.


  1. Article Spinning

An inbound link is considered better in quality if it appears in the anchor text. This is the reason black hatters are stealing copyrighted texts by the pageload. Search engines ignore duplicates so the spammer would run the same through the synonym generator – or an article spinner – so as to provide the impression of unique content.


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