What You Need to Know about Google’s Mobile Update

Google regularly updates its search algorithm, and one of the most recent updates means mobile friendliness will now be considered a priority for mobile device searches. If your website is still on desktop mode only, it will almost certainly be affected so you need to take steps.


Assess the Situation

If you haven’t updated your website, there’s no need to panic because other factors are still being considered such as high quality content. If your website is known for producing high quality content, you probably won’t be affected that badly. Second, Google won’t punish you permanently if your site isn’t mobile friendly. As soon as you launch your website redesign, the ranking will be adjusted.


Act Now To Redesign Your Website

That doesn’t mean you should slack off of course, as you should redesign your website as soon as possible. Don’t make the mistake of thinking since this update only applies to mobile searches your desktop won’t be affected. The truth is, nearly 50% of Google searches are from mobile devices. If you rely solely on desktop website traffic, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your followers and potential leads. If your website isn’t yet optimized for mobile, it’s about time.


Try Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

You’ve got a new mobile friendly site after website redesign process, and it looks good. To you anyway, but what does Google think? To find out, go to the Google Mobile Friendly Test website and find out. This service is free and tells you exactly what is wrong with the website (the links bunched up too closely, hard to read, etc.). The site even offers tips to make your website more friendly so take advantage of it.


Don’t Complicate Things

One of the biggest mistakes new website owners make is assuming that the more technically impressive the site is, the more mobile friendly. That’s not the case at all. What Google and mobile users are looking for are websites that load quickly, easy to navigate and makes it easy to find and share links. If your website can do this without crashing, chances are Google will approve.


Optimize the Content

Getting Google’s approval for mobile is essential, but don’t forget about your website’s content. Whether it is desktop or mobile, content must still be high quality and provide relevant information. To make the most of smartphones and tablets, the headlines need to be short, crisp and eye catching. Text has to be readable.

Here are a few other reminders: the content layout needs to be such that users don’t have to keep scrolling down to find what they’re looking for. It’s best to put the important content at the top so it’s more convenient for people visiting the website and interacting with it.


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