Four Important Resources for Export Marketing

More than 90% of consumers reside outside of the United States. It can be complicated to judge this by certain products but just look at the success of Hollywood films: Guardians of the Galaxy earned a big chunk in the US, earning $333 million but overseas it garnered over $441 million in sales.

The international marketplace is not only big but it is a marketing necessity, especially for companies looking to expand their horizons. If you’re hoping to start exporting then you might want to consider checking out these export marketing resources:


  1. The Export Business Planner – the planner is a simple but in-depth downloadable tool that includes a batch of excel files, forms, and easy to customize templates. It also has a beginner’s guide to exporting, making it a must-have for companies just beginning to reach out to the foreign market.

This planner is very helpful even for companies that are already exporting to numerous foreign markets. It helps keep everything visible and well organized – two factors that get increasingly difficult to maintain when your market grows.


  1. FAQ from – always make it a point to check the official Frequently Asked Questions page of the site. Everything is neatly organized into trade categories and you can easily browse international regulations, trade agreements, and more. It’s a good starting point.

This is important for companies that have no experience in exporting. Even if you’re using a well-known platform like eBay or Amazon you will still need to understand the basics of trade regulations across borders and this FAQ is bound to have the answers.


  1. Export Assistance Centers – there are many export assistance centers across the country and are staffed by people from the SBA, Export-Import Bank, and the Department of Commerce. They can help you with financing, international trade basics, and to help you understand the numerous platforms and hoops your business needs to jump through.

Their financing assistance is very crucial for smaller businesses that want to start bringing their products outside the country. Tariffs, import-export regulations, and quotas can cost a company a lot of money and these financial assistance offers will keep your company afloat.


  1. Consultant Database of the Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) – consulting services will be an investment your company should be willing to dive into. The Trade and Development Agency has a list of consulting agencies that can help you.

Consulting is crucial for a business just beginning to step into international trade. Unless you have an experience board of executives who have the “been-there-done-that” level of expertise you will want to consult the experts to help your company grasp how exporting works.

Some of these utilities are fee-based but it is guaranteed that you will see where the investment goes. Jumping into the world of export marketing can be daunting but with the right tools and assistance your company can make the transition smoothly and profitably.


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