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Think your business is ready to get into international trade and start exporting a different country?


Before you even begin planning you might want to look at your own website and look for one crucial element – is your business site available in any language other than English?

If you’re planning to do business in China then you should be able to communicate with your consumers in Chinese. Hence, you need an English to Chinese website translation. If you’re planning to export products in India then you should have a portal to a Hindi version of your site. Not everyone in the world speaks English and that is an important aspect to remember.


Breaking Language Barriers

You have to keep in mind that you are the foreign business trying to sell products in their marketplace. They might already have a trusted company to get their goods so why should they spend money on your products? A good way of convincing them is to use their language.

Explaining things in English might get a lot of people confused. Others might just ignore everything you worked on in your advertising department because they can’t understand a single word. Put things in their native language, however, and the tides quickly change for the better.

In some countries, like Japan, they use special characters for reading (Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana) and they read from top to bottom, right to left. Your website will have to accommodate for this reading habit if you want them to spend more than five seconds on your web pages.


Website Translation Services

It can be a bit expensive if you have a lot of content but with the right website translation agency you can get the job done for a relatively low price. You have to translate every line of text, every word on every image and video, and in every downloadable file like PDF manuals and others. Website translation services can help you to make sure things are contextually correct and culturally acceptable.

Once you start moving to more foreign markets it is a good idea to stick to translators who are born natural speakers of the country you are exporting to.


Translation for Email Marketing

Remember that your email marketing campaign will have to be translated as well. Once you’ve got people in your email list you need to keep sending emails to generate conversions. After all, this is a business and the main goal is to earn a profit.

However, English emails will most likely be deleted or dumped as spam. If you’ve got Chinese subscribers then make sure the emails are tailored to their language so that they are motivated to click and open, read, and purchase as they follow through your call to action.

For your direct email marketing, you may consider world importers & buyers directory as your export marketing tool .


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