6 Tips to Improve Web Usability of Export Marketing Website

When the subject of quality website design is mentioned, what often comes up are high quality images, fancy text and a sleek look like something out of a fashion magazine. But far more important is web accessibility and usability, or the ease by which people can view and understand the information in it. If you don’t do well in these departments your export marketing website is bound to fail.


  1. Make the Text Readable

If you have to squint to read an article, the text is too small. On the other hand you don’t want to make the font too big users have to scroll continuously just to finish reading a sentence. A low readability value is one of the most common pitfalls in desktop and mobile website design, so avoid at all costs.


  1. Link to the Homepage

If you’ve got a large website with several links, place a link to the homepage at the top (i.e., the company logo on every page) so site visitors won’t get lost. Even if you have a homepage link on one of the menus, it’s still good practice to have the logo work as a homepage button as that’s what people expect.


  1. New Tabs for External Links

External links on your website needs to open in a new browser tab. This is important for two reasons: one, opening the link on the current tab will take visitors away from your website. Odds are they won’t come back so this reduces onsite traffic. Second, it will be inconvenient for Internet users if they just want to check the link but have no plans of leaving your website.


  1. Use a Company Tagline

A tagline or subtitle is going to help people identify your website, its purpose and associate it with your business name. The tagline doesn’t have to be long: it can be short as long as it captures the essence of your company and its goal.


  1. Use a Single Link Design

Some websites identify links with a color like blue, while others underline the words. On other websites, a link changes color when you point the cursor over it. Whichever method you choose, use only one because users expect links to behave and appear in a consistent manner.


  1. Add a Search Bar

A large website needs to have a search bar so visitors can find what they’re looking for quickly. If you’ve got an online product catalogue on your website, don’t expect people to click through each category. As a website owner it’s up to you to make things easier by offering a search box where they can type keywords and find what they’re looking for. By taking the time to add this feature your visitors will have an easier time navigating your website.

Our web design team concerns web usability issues in your export web design. If you would like to learn more about our SEO friendly web design for your export marketing website and other export marketing solution, please contact us.



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