5 Web Marketing Tips for Export Marketing

Export Businesses today have plenty of options to market their brand, but deciding what to use can be difficult. If you’re just starting out with a limited budget, you can only afford to allocate a specific amount to each. You may try the following web marketing tips and see the impact they’ll generate.


  1. Blogging

Blogging is effective because you can provide useful information about your business without sounding like it’s a sales pitch. Blogging regularly (twice a week or more) promotes your brand, and the content can be used by other networks to augment their strategy. More importantly, blogging regularly increases your site traffic from Google because you’re generating new content.

Guest blogging is especially effective because you get the opportunity to post on relevant sites. By providing quality content you’ll demonstrate your knowledge and create a positive impression on prospective clients. And because you can link back to your export business site or blog, it becomes a potent marketing tool.


  1. Use Social Media

Social media isn’t just for big business anymore; in fact if you want your business to thrive, social media marketing is a must. According to Mike Volpe of HubSpot, social media doubles marketing leads of telemarketing and trade shows.  If you can’t afford to be on all the social networks, choose the one your customers respond to the most and focus your efforts there. Once your business’ social network is ready, share and upload content regularly, start or participate in discussions and always keep an eye on the feedback.


  1. Do Business on Facebook

No question about it, Facebook presents a huge opportunity for any business, marketing wise. Advertising agency Potratz did a recent study and learned that Americans spend 1 out of every 7 minutes on social media, so you can use this opportunity to establish relationships with potential customers by sharing content relevant to your brand. There’s also the fact that Facebook makes interaction and communication with people easy and best of all, Facebook is free.


  1. Use Google AdWords

SMEs have to be focused on search marketing especially if the product is for a specific location. If that’s applicable to you, Google Adwords PPC ads can be a cost effective way of targeting the region that matters most. There are even companies that provide automated PPCs so you can get into it quickly.


  1. Use Press Releases

PRs help new and small businesses by expanding their content along numerous local and international channels. For this reason PRs are widely used by large companies around the world and there’s no reason why yours should not. It needs to be a part of your marketing plan because it allows you to connect to bloggers, journalists and consumers directly.


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