Steps in Setting Up a Google AdWords Campaign

With the stringent competition that is present in the online market today, it becomes vital for any type of company to apply different techniques so as to boost their marketing effectiveness. And one of the best ways to do it is through the use of Google AdWords.


With Google AdWords, you can obtain the following benefits: you’ll get more clicks coming from Google and this would only cost you less money, converting more web guests to buyers and making your export business more effective. Here’s a list of essential tips that you could use in setting up the Google AdWords Campaign:


  1. Choose the campaign type as well as its name

It’s highly recommended that you use the “Search Network only” option. Afterwards, give the campaign a name. In addition, remove the tick which can be found next to the “Include search partners” tab. You could always change this setup later.


  1. Select the location where you’d want the ads to be visible

After determining the location, you must decide as to how small or large the geographic area you’d want to target would be. You may choose the entire country, region of countries, provinces or states, cities or even various congressional districts.


  1. Choose the “bid strategy” tab and set your desired daily budget

You may select the custom-designated geographic area, such as the latitude-longitude coordinates or radius for a number of kilometers or miles around a specific address. Click on the “Let me choose …” button, then continue searching for the right area.


  1. Ignore the “Ad Extensions” tab for now

Even though it is an essential part of the campaign, you could leave this for now as well as add them at a later time after you have gone through all the steps. You should click the “Save and continue” option.


  1. It’s time to create your very first ad group

After creating your first ad group, the next thing is to write your very first ad. More individuals tend to click on advertisements whenever the headline would include the keywords they use in searching. Use the right keywords in the headline. Another important thing is to limit your headline to 25 characters.


  1. Insert the keywords into the account keyword field 

Paste the keyword in the field provided for. You could begin with a single set as well as add plus signs, quotes or brackets to determine how many searches of every type you’ll be able to obtain.


  1. Set the maximum cost-per-click

You could set the maximum amount or price per click (also referred to as the “default bid”). However, you have to remember that each keyword is a different market. This means that every major keyword will require a bid price. The search engine will let you set bids for each keyword at a later time.


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