9 How to Create Winning Google Adwords

It is not enough that you are using Google Adwords to enhance the visibility of your website. If everybody is using this system, how can you be different from them? Being unique is one key to success.


So you need to differentiate your use of Google Adwords. Here are some tips on how you can do that.


  1. Run several ads, not just one.

Perry Marshall, an Adwords pioneer, suggests that split testing is vital in ensuring the success of your ad campaign. You can do this by running another ad similar to your first ad at the same time.


This will give you more feedback about which ad and which keywords will really work. It will also give you faster results since two similar ads are running concurrently.


  1. Choose your text wisely.

Your use of texts in an Adwords is very limited. Therefore, you need to carefully choose the text that will go into your ads.


There are only two key lines you are allowed to use therefore you must not waste that valuable space. You need to focus on the two most important benefits of your product or service and say them in words that clearly and concisely convey their meanings.


  1. Use keyword suggestion tools.

It is really difficult to squeeze your message into just one or two keywords. Therefore, you need to use keyword suggestion tools such as Wordtracker’s Keyword Universe, or other similar tools.


Before these tools were offered in the internet, their developers did extensive research on keywords that are being used by websites. So, instead of cracking your brain for the best keyword that will represent your product, use these tools, and your task will be easier and simplified.


  1. Aim for page one.

Don’t economize on your Adwords bid prizes. Effective and productive keywords are not available in the cheap. So, don’t cut back your budget in bidding for Adwords, but on other areas of your operation.


Getting on page one is the first thing you need to focus on, because it will bring you the traffic that you need to boost the sales of your product or service. If your Adwords bid prizes are cheap, the best ads will be bought by your competitors and your website will eventually land on the lower bottom slot.


  1. Be aware of the activities of your competitors.

If keeping up with the Joneses is not good between neighbors, the reverse is true between competing companies.


Therefore, always take advantage of all the online resources that can show you which keywords your competitors are bidding on and how much they are spending just to get them. There are many websites which offer this kind of service.



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