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Email marketing is, without a doubt, a powerful marketing tool that can be used to generate lead conversions. A single email reminding a customer that they have an item sitting in their shopping cart is all it takes for them to make a quick purchase out of the blue.

However, it would be quite impossible to send unique messages every day to hundreds and thousands of subscribers. It’s too exhausting on man power and it can be expensive. That’s why many companies turn to key software to do a majority of the work for them.

If you are also looking into using special apps to optimize your email marketing strategies then take a moment to read about the following:


Infusionsoft – the Perfect CRM System

Infusion is more than an automated email program – it is a bona fide customer relationship management tool. Not only will it allow you to send mass emails at specific times but it also allows you to create a virtual relations officer who interacts with subscribers based on their behavior.

Say for example a subscriber has been viewing action movie DVDs and even bought one or two of them in the past. Infusionsoft can send a personalized email such as “Hi there Thomas, we’ve noticed you like action movies a lot. Check out these action flicks currently available with a 35% discount! Hurry because this is only available for 3 hours.”

Want to automatically send personalized discount coupons on your subscribers’ birthdays? How about altering messages every other week depending on the activity or lack-thereof of some readers? With Infusionsoft you can do all of these and more.

The only real catch is its price. Currently it sits at just under $200 a month but with all the tools it gives the price is quite reasonable.


Vertical Response – Affordable Social Media Link

Not willing to spend a lot of money but in need of a simple to use email software that gets the job done? Vertical Response is your best bet. This email software allows you to use templates or build entirely from scratch using HTML. It also allows you to instantly connect your emails to Facebook and others.

There are buttons that will allow subscribers to share the email to their social media, making it a seamless effort to combine social media marketing and email marketing with a single app.

It’s also designed for people with absolutely no experience in email marketing. There are easy-to-use templates and everything is self-explanatory, especially the dashboard.

If you have 500 or less people in your email list then the Basic plan costs less than $9 a month while the Pro will cost less than $13 per month. If you’ve got 40,000 people in your list then the Basic costs around $200 a month while the Pro charges just under $290.

Besides, don’t forget to get a good email list to start your email campaign. We suggest world importers & buyers directory as your first email list to start your email marketing.


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