Going Mobile with Email Marketing

Think your clients are going to open your emails on a desktop computer? You need to rethink that because newer studies are showing that email marketing should be geared towards the mobile user crowd. More and more people are using their smart phones and tablets.


People are Getting More Mobile than Ever

As a matter of fact, according to Litmus Email Analytics, 48% of email is opened on a phone or tablet. That accounts for roughly half of your target! Another study shows that this statistic is even more prominent in the East, in countries like Hong Kong and Japan.

From 2011 to 2014, mobile email opens have escalated by 180%, according to the Campaign Monitor.


Email Marketing Formatted for the Mobile Crowd

What all this means is that the market is going mobile. Getting into exporting marketing and you want to reach out to the customers across seas? Format your emails for mobile devices.

That means you need change things up – everything from the font size to the dynamic arrangement of your visual content like images and videos need to be optimized for mobile devices. This is where dynamic email content comes in handy.

Dynamic email content means it is capable of re-sizing itself to optimize the given space of a device. This is required so that you don’t need different email templates for consumers presumably on a desktop, another for people on an iPhone 6, and for people presumably on a smaller device like a Galaxy Y.

Dynamic HTML-converted email can go a long way. It simplifies the process so it becomes less of a hurdle for you and it also ensures that your email is readable no matter what mobile device your target audience is using. No matter the size of their screen the content will be readable and will be quick to load.


Getting Shorter by the Minute

There is one major drawback though – you can’t make your emails long. Remember that the mobile market is fickle, impatient, and quick to delete or dump email into the spam folder. You do not want either of those to happen to your email.

You want your email to grab their attention. Marketing to a foreign crowd can be quite difficult due to the different cultures, language barriers, and more but steady research can avoid that. A long email though will spell instant doom.

Get the message out quickly. Don’t beat around the bush and just go straight to the point.

Are you promoting a wholesale deal for the first one thousand importers? Put that out in the email’s body as soon as possible. Give some details to get them curious and interested and then add the call to action to direct them to your landing page (Landing Page Optimization) .

Besides, don’t forget to get a good email list to start your email campaign. We suggest world importers & buyers directory as your first email list to start your email marketing.


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