The Mobile Marketing Trend is Here to Stay

If you’re still wondering if it’s necessary to have a mobile friendly version of your website, chances are the competition has already left you behind. The fact is, the idea of websites having a “desktop and mobile” site has been replaced with, “is the desktop still necessary?” The answer is yes, but there’s no question mobile is more important for marketing.


Mobile Rules

The latest figures show that mobile growth consistently outpaces that of the desktop. This isn’t new and has been happening for a while now, so the talk of whether it’s even necessary to have a mobile friendly website is rather absurd. Gone are the days when marketing strategists and companies had to determine if it was worth developing a mobile version of their site since the numbers show users have gravitated towards it. Naturally, marketing efforts should be directed there too.

By directing attention to mobile, it means all marketing strategies have to be aimed at the mobile user who is always on the go and meets their demands and expectations. Because of the nature of mobile devices, it is even more imperative that you make a positive impression on users and help them gather information during research. Otherwise that’s the end your marketing efforts.


Staying Ahead of the Curve

But having a mobile friendly website doesn’t imply just getting your page to display properly on the smaller screen. Your website must be able to provide the same features and services your desktop site has. This is undoubtedly a challenge given the limitations of the device, but it’s imperative you adapt to it because your target audience is relying on these devices.

For all the complexities mobile marketing brings, the potential payoff is huge because research done by ShareThis shows users are more apt to share content with their mobile rather than desktop computers, which goes to show how important it is. In other words, your social media buttons must be fully functional for mobile, because if it’s only usable on the desktop, you’re losing out on a lot of customers.

To keep things simple, it’s time to change the approach. Instead of developing content for desktop first and adapting them to mobile later, you should create content for mobile devices first and use that as a template for your desktop website. ROI returns on desktop are still higher, but it may not be long before mobile overtakes that too. In the meantime, it’s time to go full blast on mobile marketing.


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