How Web Usability Improves Website Traffic for Export Marketing

Website usability is basically defined as the ease and convenience by which visitors are able to use a web site. You need to understand the concepts related to how web usability improves website traffic for export marketing website if you want to make a mark on the internet.


The Nature of Website Usability


Website usability is not just making all the elements in the website working properly. It is more of how fast and how easy your visitors can easily access and use all the things contained in your website.


The Law of the Internet User Experience as stated by Jacob Nielsen is: “Users spend most of their time on other sites.”


If that is so, you really need to take away their attention to other sites, and bring them into yours. Website usability is therefore one of your main concerns if you want your online business to take off. It greatly impacts on your conversion rates which affect your revenues.


You Can Use Website Usability to Your Advantage


Here are some ways web usability can improve your website traffic:


  1. Organized content will ease up your visitors’ web experience

If all your contents are neatly organized, your visitors will have a wonderful experience visiting your website. Therefore, your contents should be specifically categorized. This will help your viewers easily locate whatever item or information they are searching for.


  1. Clean code

A clean code will make it easy for visitors to access the information they need.

But before you can clean up you code, you must first know what is wrong with the present code used by your website. Your web developer should be able to furnish you this information.


Once you know your website’s code, you can use clean up tools that are easily available online. These tools will check the errors and will advise you on what steps you need to take to clean it up. This will result in the usability improvement of your website, which hopefully will result in more traffic.


  1. Consolidated website navigation

You need to simplify the navigation features of your website. If it has more navigational features than it needs, your conversion rate will suffer. Consolidate some options on your website that really do not need their own navigation buttons or links. But before you modify anything, get a spreadsheet and record the current sitemap and the new sitemap.


  1. Better hosting service

Hosting service plays a vital role on how web usability improves website traffic. If you are using more videos on your website, you need to upgrade your hosting that offers content delivery network. This will speed up the loading time of your video contents which will make your visitors happier.


In addition, you should also look for a hosting service that is close to your target market. This will speed up loading time of your website for these customers.



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