4 Things That Kill SEO

Everybody understands that SEO is the driving force bringing traffic to your website. However, a lot of people take search engine optimization for granted and this leads to a lot of horrible decisions that end up killing traffic instead of generating it.

There are a lot of things that can mess up SEO efforts but there are four that are deliberate and are signs of poor website management. To avoid hitting these SEO killers, here is a quick look four of the most prominent things that kill SEO:


#4 – No Content on the Home Page

An empty home page spells doom for your website. You can’t just have a banner and add a few sprawling sentence underneath. You need to take the time to let users and search engines know exactly what your website is about.

Add in some good content, like a short 300-word introduction and then pair it with a visually captivating image. The homepage sets the bar and you want that standard to be pretty high.


#3 – Lack of Content per Page

If you sell products on your site then don’t just a picture, price tag, and a line saying “buy here now.” Remember that visitors are real people and they want extensive, relevant information when they go through your pages so don’t get stingy on content.

Search engines like Google keep track of how people behave regarding your site. If people don’t spend time on your pages, keep clicking the back button, don’t share the page, and don’t interact with it then it knows the page should be give a low ranking.


#2 – Really Bad Title Tags

Title tags are very important because they are the first things people see when they search on Google. Really long titles get cut off. Titles that emphasize too much on keywords look ugly and awkward. Keep title tags short, catchy, relevant to the page’s content, and use 1 main keyword wisely.

The best way to do this is to keep the title tag under 500 pixels in width, which is about less than 9 words. Keep the keywords closer to the beginning of the title tag too so it gets picked up quicker. Make sure that the title reads naturally and not like it was written by an automated robot.


#1 – Keyword Stuffing

Do not use more than 2-3 keywords/keyword phrases every page. Take one main keyword and three secondary keywords but use them wisely. Remember the phrase “content is king” because even when you’ve placed keywords at the right location you’ll still get penalized for poor page content.

The page should read like it was written by a human being for human beings. You shouldn’t see the same keyword phrase after every 150 words. Focus on good content and good rankings will follow.


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