Top 16 Tips to Effective Email Marketing to global importers

Manufacturers and exporters accessed global importers and buyers thru various export promotion channels. They may advertise in world trade mazagines, attend international trade shows, buy expensive pay-per-click ad from search engines, or send direct emails to global buyers. Among these export promotion methods, email marketing is the most cost-effective strategy if it is properly done.


It is vital to write an effective email sales letter to the success of email marketing campaign. There are top 16 tips to be noted in sending emails in export promotion:


1. Bypass The Gatekeeper

The correct email address ensures your email letter lands in the right person’s mailbox and decrease the likelihood of your email being trashed before it is read. Leadxpress global importers directory with a powerful export marketing tool to facilitate your export promotion to access global importers and buyers.


2. Write Compelling Subject Line

Subject lines are extremely important to capture your target customer’s attention and compel its action to open it. Effective subject line should tell readers what your email is about and why they should read it. The subject line should be simple and relevant to the message. It is not worth to deceive your prospect.


3. Never Begin With Thank You

You only have a few seconds to grab your target customer’s attention. Don’t waste time. Just start strong and make your point in the first few words of the first paragraph, then repeat, rephrase, and reiterate.


4. Focus on Benefits

It is an common mistake to focus on describing your company’s size and capabilities. It means nothing to your prospect. To make your email sales letter to be effective, it is important to focus on the features, benefits and customer’s needs that matter to the decision maker.


5. Remove Roadblocks

Think ahead what your customer’s biggest objection is and address it in advance. For example, your prospect doubts your product quality, lead with an industry award and quality standard certification (e.g. ISO9002, QS9000, etc.) obtained.


6. Build Confidence

Your email should represent your company as an expert and leader in the industry. Don’t give prospects reasons to disqualify you. Never have poor grammar, misspelled words, or unfinished sentences. Avoid using punctuation to add inflection to a sentence.


7. Obey the Rules Of Netiquette

No spamming. Don’t write in capital letters. Don’t send hostile messages. Don’t forward electronic junk mail. Be polite as your guide.


8. Remain Gender Neutral

Your intended reader may be male but the final decision maker could be a woman. Hence, your eamil sales letter should remain gender neutral.


9. Keep Message Short, Simple & Clear

Present your email sales letter so that your reader can easily understand. Keep it short, simple and clear. You will have a better chance of it being read.


10. Use Professional Presentation

In most cases, people will not familiar with your products or services, supply them with some background information, company and contact information. Don’t forget to provide an unsubscrible link and instruction at the bottom of your email.


11. Maintain Consistency

The tone and message of the email should be parallel with the look and feel of print, banner, and boardcast campaigns. A survey by Jupiter showed that 49% of online people were more likely to respond to an email marketing message if they had seen an ad or commercial for the company or product recently.


12. Include Call To Action

Your objective is to have your prospects take action. Tell your readers exactly what action to take and invite them to reply to get more information or visit your website. Statistic showed that the response rate will be higher if you request your readers to do so.


13. Meet Anti-spam Law Requirements

The Anti-spam law requires that the physical mailing address of the advertiser

be included in the footer of every email message. This helps to clearly identify

the sender making it a legitimate advertisement. An unsubscribe link is also

required in the footer so that recipients can opt out of future messages. Besides, the DMA Email Best Practices highly recommend including a link in the footer to

the corporate web page describing the privacy policies.


14. Avoid Spam Filter Words and Phrases

Use spam filter word checker to eliminate spam trigger words and phrases.


15. Test your email on yourself first

There might be a problem that you missed by accident or some unforeseen complication that you never would of known about without testing your email on yourself first.


16. Measure and Adjust

Following the actions of your prospect is very important to the success. Analyze and use the response information when creating new offers and new approaches.


As a conclusion, writing an effective sales letter and targeting the right protential customers are the key to success. Our world importers directory is a valuable lead source for your export promotion to access international importers and buyers.


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