Do’s and Don’ts in Link Building for Export Marketing

Link building is one of the most important features when it comes to off-page SEO for export marketing. Ranking of any website is highly dependent on the site’s external link popularity. In the rush of obtaining more links for their customers’ websites, some SEO experts choose a path which they shouldn’t have in the first place.


Say No to Black Hat SEO


Implementing several dirty tricks as well as black hat SEO strategies may earn you profits in an instant but this will not be for the long run. If you get caught, this will surely destroy your entire export business. To help you out, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts in link building for export marketing:





  1. Use natural link building. To do this, you must adhere to the basic guidelines in the link building process so as to keep it natural.


  1. Although you can obtain links by making use of link building techniques and effective methods, limit the link accumulation to 15 to 20 links on a daily basis. Also, building a large number of links may provoke the search engine to treat your website as a spam.


  1. Use the primary keywords in the link anchor texts but there has to be variety. Take note that spam websites are also sending huge or bulk links with similar anchor texts. To make everything natural, variations in keywords is essential.


  1. It is a must to put your best efforts in contextual link building so as to improve or maximize the link value.


  1. Maintaining link consistency by utilizing the same universal resource locator (URL) for single webpages instead of applying other variations of the page URL is the right thing to do. This will help consolidate the link value.


  1. You should only connect or link to websites that are considered relevant to your website’s content. Similar to spam websites, connecting to content that is not relevant only for the purpose of achieving huge link targets within a shorter period of time would only jeopardize the ranking of your website. This means that the traffic that you’re able to obtain wouldn’t last for long plus you’d be endangering the reputation of your online business.


  1. Make use of assorted link building techniques which include one-way link, two-way link as well as three-way link building so as to keep everything natural from the perspective of the search engine.





  1. Do not place irrelevant keywords in the anchor texts


  1. Avoid any form of spamming tactics such as link farming, using hidden inbound links and placing random connections without the relevant keyword close to the link ads.


  1. Reciprocal linking or link exchange might be considered by many as a common way of building or accumulating links. However, do not overuse this particular technique because it appears to be more strategic and therefore, unnatural.


  1. Buying links is a controversial technique and most search engines don’t appreciate paid links.



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