Will Writing Blogs Help Boost SEO for Your Export Website ?

Blogging isn’t just a pastime or a mindless way of expressing one’s opinion or a simple sweat-free endeavor. It involves hard work and in exchange for the effort, the best bloggers obtain rewards such as improved reputation and organic traffic.


Important Questions to Consider


A blogger has to think about several questions prior to starting. Remember that this is not a mechanical job as it requires proper understanding of the topic and the ability to express your thoughts in a manner which will be easily understood by the reader.


  • What would be the topic?
  • To whom is the blog addressed to?
  • How will you be able to capture the attention of the reader and make them relate to the content?
  • What is your ultimate objective?


The last question is vital. Here take a look on the objectives of blogging.


Blogging and SEO

Blogging is crucial especially when it comes to developing your SEO (search engine optimization). You could actually make the most out of the content that you publish by using internal linking and on-page SEO. You can obtain lots of benefits from your own posts. By using different pages of your website, you could utilize in-content phrases in linking to other relevant articles. This will tell the search engine more about the page and will often provide an excellent boost in terms of rankings.


Blogging and Content Marketing

Blogging plays a vital role in enhancing your content marketing techniques. If you are doing SEO, you will surely be doing content marketing. Also, blogs play an important role in that particular process and oftentimes, it does. In the end, you will obtain more referral traffic, organic traffic and new backlinks.


Your website will be able to rank well for more target words which you are not really targeting. Remember that an unheralded benefit of blogging is the capacity to show up for lots of unexpected keywords. So, take a quick look at the webmaster tools. Check out your impressions as well as search queries.


You will possibly see more words there which you did not really target but which individuals are looking for. Why don’t you start improving on those so you’d be able to obtain more traffic?


More Organic Traffic

Organic traffic tends to convert better compared to other sources of traffic. Of course, a lot of long-time business owners and bloggers out there are aware of how significant organic traffic or search engine traffic is and they have already noticed how it works in converting into sales, leads, followers, subscribers and committed readers.


Nothing can change the fact that writing blogs is crucial in boosting your SEO. This alone will convince you to start blogging or to continue this activity in case you’ve been inactive for a while.


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