Formatting Email Marketing Content

Whether you’re building on leads or you are breaking into a global platform for export marketing then having the right email marketing strategy is crucial. The online world is changing and so is the manner of how people access their email.

This means you need to change how your email marketing content is formatted in order to optimize visibility. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:


Dynamic HTML Email

HTML emails are the best format you can rely on because they are quick to load and they are quite versatile. You can merge everything you in need in the HTML format, from photos to links and others. The best part however is that you can turn your email into dynamic content.

This will allow the email to automatically adapt itself to the size of the user’s screen. If they are reading the email on a small phone then the HTML email will automatically re-size itself to optimize the phone’s limited space. If they are using a large tablet then it will re-size to make use of the extra edges.


Avoid Using Too Many Marketing Words

Want to know why many potential leads suddenly dump emails into the spam folder? It’s because they can identify a marketing email just from the words being used. You can use these words just don’t overdo it. If your email contains more than six of these words then you know you’re not focusing on content – you’re just over-selling and clients can see right through that.

Some of the words to avoid over-using are:

  • Free
  • Subscribe now
  • Click here
  • Winner
  • Order now
  • 50% off
  • Visit our website for
  • One time offer


Format the Text Properly

Do not simply copy-paste the body text from MS Word! Take the time required to alter font sizes, hyperlinks, and others. To break things down simply follow this check list:

  • Use different font sizes and font colors to put emphasize on specific words.
  • Bold tags are your best friend. Use these to catch attention for certain key words and phrases.
  • Use headlines to break the content into smaller pieces, making it easier to read.
  • Keep the text-blocks short. No one wants to go through long-pages of text so go straight to the point and include strong call to action.
  • Make sure that the links are underlined and colored differently to let users know they can click on it.
  • Make sure the font is readable. You can experiment with what works for you but don’t go overboard. There are infographics on the web showing which font are best for marketing purposes so use those as a reference.


Besides, you may also need a good email list to start your email campaign. We suggest you consider world importers & buyers directory as your email list to start your email campaign.


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