How to Pick the Best Keywords for SEO in Export Marketing

Some content marketers tend to play fast and loose when it comes to selecting keywords for obtaining natural search engine rankings. In addition, they shirk proper analysis and research, or merely take a wild stab at whether a target phrase or keyword is worth using in the first place.


For those who are constantly creating web articles without taking into account keywords and search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll still rank for something since content resonates with search engine algorithms. However, you’ll consistently run the risks of shortchanging your SEO technique as well as the ability of your company to grab its share of appropriate search engine traffic — for conversions, branding and more.


You can get more benefits from SEO by exerting a bit more effort in picking the best keywords:



  1. Mine several keyword research resources

It is common to run to several online sites for ideas, but keyword research tools and applications remain the best in providing the right target words that should be included in the content. Even if you’re able to find keywords, you still have to know whether or not the web users are searching for them. You should target keyword phrases with 1,000 monthly searches. This means that the keyword phrase is considered relevant and the site contains significant information related to it, particularly in terms of inbound links.


  1. Use keywords that are relevant

The keywords have to match your targets or what your company does. Remember, though, that all the keywords you select must appear to be a natural component of what you are writing. Spelling can make a huge difference. You don’t want to make use of the “wrong” word and at the same time appear like you cannot spell them correctly.


  1. Paid Search

Paid search such as Google Adwords, together with buying ads, is another excellent source of keyword research which your business may already have. But a lot of businesses settle for results coming from paid searches and skip search engine optimization much to their detriment. In this line, if you are purchasing a keyword for paid searches, you have to be certain it’s also a feasible candidate for content marketing and SEO.


  1. Know how well you are ranking in terms of the topic you’ve written

Do you belong to the top ten, twenty or thirty? You may utilize several programs that are intended for obtaining ranking data. These tools will help you explore different platforms which can assist you in managing, tracking and optimizing thousands of keywords.


  1. Your new pages have to adequately point out the keyword phrase

You may start writing several incredible articles which goes into detail about the topic together with fresh perspectives and examples. However, you have to incorporate the most strategic keywords or key phrases.


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