export marketing strategies

Simple but Powerful Export Marketing Strategies

Export marketing for a smaller company can be difficult as there are many different trade laws, customs regulations, taxes, language and culture barriers, and market base. The article considers some simple but powerful export marketing strategies the hurdles can be toppled one by one.

4 Common Channels of Export Marketing

“4 Common Channels of Export Marketing” describes four common export marketing strategies to be used. They include: 1) advertising in international trade magazines, 2) participating in international trade shows, 3) using your export marketing website, and 4) sending email promotion letters.

What Do You Know about Your Importer for export marketing success?

“What Do You Know about Your Importer for export marketing success?” indicates which crucial data to be known for your export marketing success. With the effective use of export marketing techniques, you can find out all you need to know to export successfully.