7 Things You Need to Know about SEO for Your Export Website

SEO means search engine optimization. If your website isn’t optimized for Google or Bing, people won’t find it regardless of the content. Onsite and offsite SEO are both needed and if you’re going to create a webpage, the sooner you get started the better. If you don’t have the time or resources to optimize your website, you can hire an SEO consultant to do it for you, but it’s still important you know the vital points so you know what your consultant is doing.


  1. Back up Your Data

If your website gets hacked and data is lost, search engines will remove it from the ranking, so back everything up. Aside from periodic backing, a reliable hosting company is worth investing in. If you’re going to put up a website with e-commerce function, 99% uptime is absolutely necessary.


  1. Check for Compatibility

Your website needs to be compatible with all the popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Firefox) and can be viewed on different display resolutions and devices (mobile, desktop, laptop). Compatibility should not be compromised, but neither is speed, so before going online check the loading speed first.


  1. Don’t Forget the 404 Page

Your 404 error page should have links to the other pages on your website as they can keep visitors from leaving your website.


  1. Use 301 Redirect

Unless there’s a good reason, don’t change your URL especially if you have established a name. But if you have, use 301 redirect so visitors that go to your old website will end up in your new site.


  1. Keep Website Structure Simple

A basic rule of thumb in SEO friendly web design is that all pages in your website has to be just 3 clicks from your homepage. Anything more than complicates things and can lead to navigation difficulties. Webpage URLs must also be clear and easy to follow: as much as possible a site visitor should be able to determine the page topic by just looking at the URL.


  1. Keep an Eye on the Ultimate Goal

It doesn’t matter if you’re ranked number one if you’re not generating leads and conversions. There’s a reason why you want to get a high rank, and that’s to get people to purchase your product. So once visitors are on your website, give them a reason to remain there. In short, it doesn’t stop with just getting people to drop by.


  1. Aim High

Don’t settle for the top 10 slot, but go all the way to the top. If you really believe in your product, there’s no reason why you cannot compete with other brands. With SEO, social media and other tools at your disposal, you can feel confident about your product’s chances to compete with them.


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